Latex care & shine

All items come unshined and slightly talced (to keep it from sticking to itself).

You can shine your latex with latex shining products like Vivishine, Begloss, Pjur, etc. Do not use oils or greases, they will damage the latex.

- Metal, nicotine, perfume, make up will stain your latex, especially light colored latex. Stains can not be removed!

- Be careful with sharp objects, fingernails included. When putting on a latex garment do not thug it too much, it could tear. Use talcum or a water-based lubricant on the inside to ease dressing (no household oils or greases!)

- Wash your latex inside and out in luke warm water with mild soap (dish soap will do). You can do this in your bath tub, a bucket, etc... Rinse in clear water and put on a hanger(not a metal one) to air dry. When dry you can talc it lightly to keep it from sticking to itself.

- Keep your latex stored in a dark and dry place. Leaving it in sunlight will discolor it.